Born of a shared passion for music, storytelling and doing what you love, Taywood has been making a name for themselves in the Montreal folk/rock scene since 2015. Wearing the influences of Warren Zevon, The Band, and Jackson Browne on their sleeve, Taywood straddles the line between folk and rock; articulating elements of both genres in their live performances. 

Taywood came together two years ago when singer/songwriter Scott Potter linked up with guitarist Kento Kataoka, bassist Jesse Mancini and drummer Benjamin Mayo-Goldberg. The guys quickly developed a strong rapport that is evident both on stage and off. “We’re all at a point in our lives where we would like to have a career doing what we enjoy” says Scott, “our passion for music, all aspects of it, motivates us to keep pushing and continuously work on our craft.” 

Taywood released their first full length album, Everything In Between, in May of 2017. Kento Kataoka produced, mixed, and recorded all of the material. The album was mastered by our friend Jon Kasby and the guys recorded all the tunes in the Laurentians of Quebec. The artwork for Everything In Between was done by a very talented Montreal artist, Julian Merid. The album is available to stream and download through all social media platforms. 

A multitalented group capable of drawing upon years of professional experience, the foursome has made great strides in developing a sound that is both deeply personal and highly accessible. The combination of Scott’s visceral storytelling with the diverse musical abilities of Kent, Ben and Jesse has endeared Taywood towards a comprehensive sound steeped in folk-rock roots.